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Kaʻehu Youth Enhancement & Mentoring After-School Program
Kaʻehu is excited to announce the start of the after-school program for youth from the Wailuku district between the ages of 14-18.   Participants will work alongside marine biologists, water microbiologists, cultural practitioners and land restoration specialists to learn about natural resource management careers and integrating Hawaiian values found in the Ahupuaʻa system.
To register please email: and request an application
Kaʻehu Bay Beach Clean-Up
Mahalo to Hawaii Wildlife Fund, Sharkastics & Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii for.all their hard work at Kaʻehu Bay.  If you are interested in volunteering for a beach clean-up, please email: or join the clean-ups hosted by these three environmental organizations.
KALO Healthy Families Program
KAʻEHU  hosts monthly KALO workshops from September to May for youth and their families. The program aims to work with entire families to promote healthy relationships within the home and community. The KALO Program is a culturally based curriculum that will assist families in particular areas such as; trust and communications skills, self-esteem building, parenting techniques and making healthy choices. By participating in this program we hope youth and their families will gain the ability to process various situations and make the right choices for their own futures. For more information on the program, contact
Kaʻehu Community Environmental Stewardship Program
KAʻEHU is partnering with the County of Maui, University of Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, the Hawaii Wildlife Fund, scientists, experts, and cultural practitioners to train volunteers with the knowledge and skills of traditional shoreline and land stewardship.  For more information, contact
 *County of Maui requires all participants sign a liability waiver form to Participate at Kaʻehu Bay.* 
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